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Advanced Workplace Strategies, Inc.
Provides customized anti-drug and alcohol programs.
Alpha Pro Solutions
A training and consulting company dedicated to providing substance abuse policy reviews and internal audits of organizational drug and more.
Ambassador Medical Services Inc.
Mobile collection services for corporate drug and alcohol testing programs.
American Medical Review
Offers on-site employee drug testing and physicals to the Chicago metropolitan area.
American Triex, Inc.
Source for regulated and non-regulated drug testing program design, implementation and verification.
Black Tower Security Services Ltd.
British Columbia, Canada, firm offers certified K-9 protection and detection teams for explosive and narcotics.
Canine Intercept, Inc.
Serves the Southeastern United States with drug detection services for businesses, schools, and private residences. DEA licensed.
Compliance Plus Corporation
Providing collection of urine specimens, lab analysis and Medical Review Officer services.
D.D.T.A. Services Inc.
A drug testing consortium and third party administrator of federally required drug testing programs.
Discreet Detection K-9 Services
Agency providing narcotics and explosives detection services to schools and industry nationwide. DEA and BATF licensed.
Drink/Link Moderate Drinking Programs
Offering moderate drinking programs and products to modify problem drinking habits, reduce alcohol consumption, and prevent alcoholism.
Drug Dogs For Hire
Texas based company providing private narcotics searches for private residences, security agencies, and businesses. DEA licensed.
Employers Drug Program Management
EDPM is a third party administrator of both DOT and Non-DOT drug testing programs. Alabama.
Fern Gulch Canine Services
Provides certified drug detection dogs to schools, corporations, drug rehabs, law enforcement and more.
A third party administrator managing drug and alcohol testing programs.
FSR Drug Testing Service
They specialize in creating individualized programs for each of their clients and pride ourselves on their highly personalized service.
Health Enhancement Center
Offers comprehensive Consulting, administration and assistance Programs for businesses to help establish and more.
Health Services Group, Inc.
Offers drug-free workplace program management services.
Houston Medical Testing Services, Inc.
Provides employee, home, mobile, on-site and confidential testing services.
Administrator and provider of substance abuse programs on a national scale.
Provides mobile worksite collection services.
Industrial Health Services Network, Inc.
Provides a wide range of substance abuse program management services.
International Drug Detection, LLC.
Louisiana based agency offering canine narcotics detection services to businesses. DEA licensed.
International K-9
LA based agency providing businesses with trained canines to detect narcotics or explosives- ATF & DEA licensed.
K-9 Search & Detection, Inc.
New York based canine detection agency offering narcotics, firearms, and explosives detection K9's to schools and industry.
K.I.D.S., Inc.
Canine drug detection company providing services to both schools and industry. DEA licensed.
LA Canine Detection Service
Offers canine drug detection services to assist in keeping illegal drugs out of your home, school, and business.
Land Sea and Air Medical Review
A national corporation providing urine drug testing programs for DOT and non-DOT affected companies.
Long Island K-9 Service
New York based agency offering narcotics detection services to schools and businesses. DEA licensed.
MedReview, Incorporated
Administrators of DOT and non-DOT substance abuse testing programs.
Midwest Collection Specialists, Inc.
Meeting the needs of companies, organizations, and governmental agencies which have specimen collection and more.
National Drug Screen, Inc.
Nationwide administrator of corporate drug screening programs.
National Drug Testing, LLC
Special event security and investigative industrial drug testing. On-site collection and testing anytime, anywhere.
Nationwide Truckers Association, Inc.
A resource for management and consulting services for substance abuse and alcohol programs in the workplace.
Oschmann Organization
Manages drug and alcohol testing and Department of Transportation compliance programs.
A third party administrator providing pre-employment drug testing services for small to medium businesses.
Professional Air Charter Services, Inc
Offers Federal Aviation Administration drug and alcohol testing compliance programs.
Scentry Place
Agency providing narcotics detection services to industry and local schools.
Southern Hills Kennels, Inc.
Florida-based company offering narcotic and bomb detection dogs for private industry. K-9 security team services available.
Substance Abuse Management, Inc.
Full-scale substance abuse program management services.
Sun State Security, Inc.
Florida based security and narcotics/firearms detection agency providing services to schools and industry. DEA and BATF licensed.
Top Dog Security, Inc.
New Jersey based agency offering certified canine drug and weapons detections teams to schools and businesses.
Washington Drug Free Business
WDFB is a non-profit organization formed in 1988 to assist employers, regardless of size and more.
Washington K9
Drug dogs available for hire to schools, businesses, and private residences to detect narcotics and weapons.
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