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The Truth About Anti-Aging

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Anti-aging products are traceable to ancient Egypt when herbs like olive leaves were used to promote longevity. In other cultures like India and China, there were developed traditions of herbal usage and the traditions are still kept up till now.

In modern times, these products are used to bring down the physical appearance of aging like sun spots, wrinkles and skin damage. Some of them are targeted at middle-aged people so that the effect of aging would be reversed. Other products are produced in form of preservatives so that aging could be stopped or slowed down before it begins.

There are lots of anti-aging products in the market and they can be grouped into three major categories; hormones, anti-oxidants and herbal products. Hormones do not affect aging process directly but they mask its symptoms and that is why they are referred to as reverse-aging products. Anti-oxidants are some of the popular products around and they include vitamins like A, C and E. They are useful for removing free radicals in the system before damaged cells can lead to aging. Herbal or natural products are becoming more popular by the day. They include various herbs and plant medicines that are used for reversing or preventing the symptoms of aging. Other anti-aging products are vitamin supplements, magnets, skin creams, live cell injections, special diets and so on.

The major benefits of anti-aging products are physical in nature. They assist in the reduction of wrinkles which can make a person look 15 years younger or more. Physical benefits can lead to psychological benefits as someone who looks younger will be made to feel young which will boost the confidence and self esteem of the user of the products. They can also be adapted to the need of an individual in order to solve certain problems.

Advices For Anti Aging – Oil Skin

Friday, May 4th, 2012

Yes, people who have oily skin age too. However, those who have oily skin have this some sort of special ability to prevent wrinkles and fine lines longer than those who have dry skin. This is because their skin is more moist, always moist, so wrinkles are less likely to form prematurely. But as people with oily skin age, hormonal changes will cause their skin’s oil production to decrease and they will eventually face the dreaded effects of aging on their skin. So even if you have this skin type that can delay aging, you still need to take extra care of your skin as you age. With this, let me share to you some anti aging tips for oily skin.

1. Even if you have oily skin, the area around your mouth, eyes and neck tends to be drier and may need extra moisture. Signs of aging such as wrinkles and crows feet are commonly found around the eye area so it is very important to give extra care and attention to this part of your face.

2. People with oily skin tend to wash their face more often because their face attracts more dirt and grime than other skin types. It kind of feels sticky and dirty after a while so they tend to wash it off. But here’s the thing, over washing is simply harmful. It can actually do more harm that good to your face. Ironic as it may seem, over washing can dry out your skin. Your sebaceous glands respond to over washing by producing even more oil, and so you end up with more oil on your face on the outside and a dehydrated skin inside.

3. Wearing sunscreen is an integral part of any good anti aging skin care regimen. UV rays can damage your skin leading it to age much sooner so it is very important to wear sunscreen everyday even when you’re just at home. People with oily skin might think that sunscreen will just clog their pores and make their skin much oilier. Fortunately, there are a lot of sunscreens available in the market today which are specially designed for those with oily complexions.

To enjoy all the benefits of oily skin and experience skin aging with less problems, make sure to follow the tips that I’ve mentioned above. Apart from that, you have to make sure to follow an anti aging skin care routine which includes using oil free products and indulging in anti aging facial treatments once in a while.