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Health Benefits of Resveratrol

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

Resveratrol is one of the newest ingredients to hit the health and beauty market. It is a powerful antioxidant that comes naturally from red grapes, peanuts, and other plant foods. There are some great Resveratrol health benefits if you are willing to take a supplement on a regular basis.

There are studies which show Resveratrol is a good heart vigor. Since it is found in red wine, it is said that people who drink red wine occasionally will have lower cholesterol level. It can also help to develop and enhance the conditions of your brain and kidney. It is believed to protect the kidneys and brain from any oxidative pressure or hypertension.

Another health advantage of this tiny substance is that it has the ability to reduce the prostate cancer progress by sustaining the regular urine flow. This will protect the prostate from cancerous effect. Some studies have shown that it can strengthen a woman’s breast health. It can prevent the growth of esophageal, intestinal and breast cancer. The testing results showed that it is able to avert the breast cancer progression.

Resveratrol can also enhance cell fortification. When it is augmented to cells it can hold back the production of human cancer cells including in the breast, prostate, colon, stomach and thyroid. It is considered a good antioxidant complement. It is referred to as a very important protective substance from all kinds of diseases.

Besides that it can act as an anti-aging agent. It is said to be the new hopes to many individuals to remain youthful. Taking an allowed dosage will help to slower down the aging process. Resveratrol is also proven to be able to lessen the risk of liver illnesses. It has the capacity to reduce the quantity of fat in your liver and intensify the emulsion of fats in the organ as well. It is usually the case of a heavy drinker for huge amount of fats to be accumulated in the liver which may lead to some liver diseases.

Another listed health advantage is that it can reduce the risk of having colon cancer. Consuming it in the form of powder in small doses can help slower down the risk of colorectal cancer for about 67 percent.

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