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San Diego Dentist

Saturday, December 29th, 2012

In locations such as southern California, looks are everything and having a bright smile is a top priority. Las Angelas and San Diego Teeth Whitening centers are all over and the procedure has become in high demand.

As a person ages, their teeth naturally become more yellow. It is normal for a younger person’s smile will appear to be brighter than that of an older person’s. Other know causes of tooth discoloration are due to stains from habits such as smoking, drinking red whine, coffee, tea, eating foods like chocolate and spaghetti sauce.

There are many different methods of teeth whitening available to the public. Some are more effective than others. There are numerous products that can be purchased over the counter such as whitening tooth paste, mouth wash, and strips, while other methods need to be prescribed by a dentist.

The products that you purchase over the counter tend not to be as effective as having a dentist whiten your teeth. These products are much cheaper than going to a specialist, but the results are very minimal. The toothpastes have a whitening agent in them but there is minimal contact with your teeth and water and saliva will lessen the impact it will have. The strips are a bit more effective due to the bleach having longer contact with the teeth, but the results are mostly seen on the front teeth leaving the back teeth appearing even more yellow than before.

People that live in places such as San Diego believe it is definitely important to have a white, bright, and beautiful smile. It is first thing for anyone that takes pride in the way they look should be concerned with. A smile is one of the first things that people notice when they meet. It has a big impact on a first impression and how a person is perceived by others.This is why so many choose to have their teeth whitened through their dentist who has access to a more potent bleach that will create more noticeable results. San Diego dentists specialize in whitening procedures due to the increase in demand for it.

Once a whitening procedure is performed it is important to remember that regular dental care is an important factor in maintaining a beautiful smile. Taking the time to properly care for your teeth by brushing, flossing and scheduling regular cleanings with your dentist will help in keeping whiter, healthy teeth.

Dr. Aryan has many years of experience as well as extensive continuing education in esthetic, restorative, and Implant Dentistry. He has completed his Advanced Cosmetic Training and Residency at Esthetic Professionals as well as Placement and Restoration of Implants with University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

Good Oral Hygiene and Its Importance

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

As any dentist will tell you, brushing is the most important part of keeping your teeth clean. You should brush at least twice a day, and you should use good technique too. Fluoride toothpaste has done the best in tests, so that is what you should use. When you start brushing, brush your lower right teeth on the outside. Make your way around your mouth, moving the brush in small, circular motions. Flip to the inside of your teeth and make your way back. Then focus on the top of your lower teeth, going back and forth until you’ve cleaned every single one thoroughly. Then you can do the same routine on your upper teeth. Afterwards, it’s a good idea to give your tongue a quick brush, to get rid of some of the bacteria that is left by your food.

Flossing is often neglected, but it is an important part of the process. You don’t need to floss every time you brush, but you should do it once per day. Take a short length of floss, and put it between your teeth, as far to one side as you can get. First put the tension to the left and drag the floss up and down the length of the tooth. Then switch sides, and floss again with tension on the other side. Move over a tooth, and do the same thing. Repeat this until you’ve done as many gaps as you can reach. You can also buy small flossing tools that help you reach the gaps at the back of your mouth, so that you don’t neglect any particular part.

Smoking and chewing tobacco will increase your risk for tooth and gum problems, among countless other things. If you’re addicted to either, you should immediately take steps to quit. Regular visits to the dentist are necessary to make sure your teeth are healthy. The goal is to catch any problems early on, and treat them before they get any worse. Also, it is rather nice to have professionals clean your teeth till they sparkle. If you need it, you can get other treatment such as a fluoride rinse to clean your teeth.