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Getting Steps For An Efficient Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

People who suffer from this disorder show impulsivity and instability in relationships, moods and self-image. Emotions can be erratic and shift abruptly, particularly from passionate idealization to contemptuous anger. It is obvious that these people are emotionally unstable in their personality.Are you suffering from BPD and wondering what is the best Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment?Here you will learn the seven main steps that have to be covered.

Step One – Stabilizing

The first step of the treatment is to stabilize the emotions and the mental turmoil. This can be achieved with specific techniques like mindful breathing, relaxation techniques, and meditation.

These exercises soothe the mind and the body in such a way that they become more receptive in the following stages.

Step Two – Medication

If the results achieved at step one are insufficient, medication can be of a real help if taken the right way. But you have to remember not to take just any kind of medicine and in any quantity because they are fairly addictive and many come with serious side effects.

Please pay a visit to your GP or psychiatrist before taking any kind of drug and use them only under their supervision. If done otherwise you expose yourself to high risks of acquiring additional mental and/or physical problems you will have to tackle later.

Step Three – Identifying The Causes of BPD

At this stage the actual causing factors of BPD will be uncovered to be addressed in the borderline personality disorder treatment.

Generally the causes of BPD are to be found in the emotional and mental aftermaths of specific deprecating encounters during the first years of life. The causes are represented by general self-downing thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes which are impeding the daily activities.

Step Four – Disputing

When the causes of BPD have been identified they need to be discussed and disputed in order to check their accuracy. Specific techniques are used in this undertaking, like logical debating, checking their soundness in reality, and analyzing their usefulness from pragmatic view points.

Step Five – Changing

This is the phase where the transformation process begins. As you know everything in life starts with a change in our perspective. They are working similarly to a sieve which will be passed only by the physical parts of a specific size. If you want to get more through, you will need to change the sieve.

Step Six – Implementation

At this stage will be implemented the necessary changes identified during the previous step. What this phase is actually doing for you is that it helps you create new emotional and mental habits for the everyday life so you will be able to use them without analyzing every step. Thus your new healthy self will become your second nature.

Step Seven – Improve Your Overall Life

You may have heard that people who have targets in life live five to seven years more than average people. Well, this is actually true because when being active and creative your energies are activated in such a way that your health and contentment are at high levels.

So at this final stage personal development strategies will be used in order to bring up your full potential. The human spirit and body are the strongest when being active and creative.

The Meehl House is one of the first locations in the nation to offer residential group homes providing Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for individuals with Bipolar Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Anxiety, Depression and Substance Abuse. The house can accommodate as many as four residents at any given time. An evaluation will determine if a candidate for DBT program meets the residency requirements.

How to Promote Positive Mental Health

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Positive mental health is a great way to ensure you lead a long, happy and healthy life. Maintaining your mental health is easier than most people think and will have a significant impact on your everyday life. Here are the top 5 things you can do to help promote positive mental health in you and your children:

1. Eat Healthy. Eating fast food 3 times a week and downing a few cold ones before bed might be easier than making a home-cooked meal and more enjoyable than drinking a cold glass of water but it won’t do a whole lot for your health. Eating home-cooked foods (especially fruits and vegetables) and staying away from the fast food joints will help you achieve the healthy lifestyle you desire.

2. Drink Lots of Water. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, average individuals are expected to consume at least eight glasses of water a day. And while this seems like it may be a lot, it’s actually not. Eight glasses is almost equivalent to filling up your water bottle a few times between waking up and going to bed. Remember, if you work out, you will need to increase your water intake to compensate for the water you’re burning off while exercising. Drinking water will detoxify your body and restore it back to a healthy state – especially after drinking coffee or alcoholic beverages.

3. Kick the Bad Habits. We’ve already mentioned it a few times but eliminating significant alcohol intake will have positive results on your mental health. Likewise, kicking other bad habits like smoking and drinking considerable amounts of coffee will also help keep your mental health at its best.

4. De-Stress. Stress is one of the leading causes for poor mental health. When you’re stressed out, your body has to work harder to keep up and, overtime, it will take its toll on your body and your brain. Next time something stressful happens, try lighting some candles and taking a bath. If that doesn’t work for you, try letting off some steam by going to the gym or going for a run. Keeping a positive frame of mind will promote positive mental health and eliminate undue stress on your brain.

5. Book Regular Check-ups. Unfortunately, you can do all of the things listed above and still suffer from mental health problems. In fact, you might have a mental illness and not even know it. Make sure you’re mental health is in good condition by booking regular appointments with your doctor.