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Cosmetic Surgery
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ACE Surgical Supply Co. details
offers catalog of dental implants and prosthetics.
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Advanced Meditech International, Inc details
supplying speciality surgical instruments and equipment.
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Ambler Surgical details provides 3000+ patterna of German and U.S. made ophthalmic instruments. Browse on-line catalog by product # or description.
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Anatomica Surgical Products details
Swedish company in the orthopaedic business selling prostheses and helping surgeons with their research.
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AROSurgical details
plastic micro and reconstructive surgical instrument sales.
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provides information about post-operative pain as well as ON-Q, a small high-tech balloon that holds local anesthetic and delivers it directly into the surgical incision site.
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Bernsco Surgical Supply, Inc. details
surgical instruments, supplies and equipment for office based practice.
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Biopharm Leeches details
supplier of medicinal leeches to hospitals and research laboratories around the world.
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Burlington Medical Supplies details
cath lab, x-ray and operating room supplies.
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specializes in repair and sharpening of surgical instruments.
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Cincinnati Surgical details
offering medical, dental, and postmortem products including scalpels, stethescopes, blades and handles, sutures and needles.
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Custom Hospital Products details
source for common and uncommon surgical dressing products in various case sizes.
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Denyers International details
distributors of operating tables for a wide range of medical procedures.
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Elmed details
specializes in the design and manufacture of new innovative instruments and equipment, the repair of all competitive products and a one day turn around time on repairs.
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Endure Medical, Inc. details
sells new and used surgical microscopes for ophthalmology, ENT, OB/GYN and plastic surgery.
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Ethicon Endo-Surgery details
develops surgical instruments and medical products for minimally invasive surgery, professional medical education, and patient resources. A Johnson & Johnson company.
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Future Health Concepts details
remanufactured medical equipment.
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Healthmark Industries details
featuring products for the sterilization, decontamination storage and security of medical equipment and supplies.
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Heron Surgical Supply Co. details
provides homecare medical equipment, supplies, and services.
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Kaisers Surgical Instruments details
supplier of surgical instruments to Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.
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Kern Surgical Supply details
online medical, orthopedic and home health care catalog, order products with a credit card through the secure server.
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KH Trading details
supplies surgical dressing products.
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Kimberly-Clark Professional Health Care details
provides highly protective garments, drapes, and infection-control products.
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Lane Instrument Corp. details
providing supplies and instruments, including stethoscopes and blood pressure apparatus, to medical and dental professionals.
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Leeches USA details
sells medical leeches for clinical use. Site includes use and care tips, methodology for their application, and case histories.
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Micro Edge, Inc. details
specializes in sharpening and polishing diamond scalpels and tools.
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Microsurgery Instruments, Inc. details
offers surgical loupes, instruments, microvascular clamps, supercut scissors, and non-scalpel vasectomy instruments.
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Millennium Surgical Corp. details
sells surgical/operating room instruments, as well as ophthalmic surgery supplies.
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Mobile Instrument Service and Repair, Inc. details
surgical equipment repair vendor.
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Neuro-Tec details
neurosurgical and orthopedic spine instrumentation distributors.
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Northern Scientific details
buys and sells used medical equipment including surgical tables, lights, and anesthesia machines.
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Olsen Surgical details
offers repair services for electrosurgical instruments, sharpening of hand held surgical instruments, and refurbishment of endoscopy equipment.
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Precision Bone Rasp Grinding details
provides grinding services for the orthopaedic surgical cutting instruments industry.
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Prescott's Inc. details
offers new and re-conditioned surgical microscopes and accessories.
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Salzmann Ag, Salzmann Medico details
instruments for vein surgery, medical compression stockings for varicose veins.
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Scotmed Ltd details
healthcare superstore.
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Seprafilm Adhesion Barrier details
indicated for the reduction of post-surgical adhesions in patients undergoing abdominal or pelvic laparotomy. From Genzyme.
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Sklar Surgical Instruments details
offering stainless steel and disposable surgical instruments.
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Sontec Instruments details
offers a line of surgical instrumentation for all specialities.
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Spectrum Surgical Instruments Corp. details
offers a full line of surgical instruments, care products, repair service, cleaning brushes, and accessories.
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SRI/Surgical Express details
Provides hospitals with a daily delivery and retrieval service that furnishes reusable and disposable products and devices used in surgical procedures.
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SSR, Inc. details
sales, service maintenance and repair of surgical instrumentation. Specializing in the fields of dermatology, plastic surgery and micro-dissection.
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Steele Surgical Supply details
serving students of the medical professions. A guide to stethoscopes, blood pressure units, diagnostic equipment, and many other medical supplies.
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Surgica Corporation details
involved in the production of tissue engineering products.
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Surgical Digital Video, Inc. details
offers repair solutions for medical and industrial imaging technologies.
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