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All Original Kegelmaster 2000
variable resistance exerciser for the female kegel or pc muscle.
American Health Supplies Online
includes name brand briefs, underpads, and wipes.
Angel Fluff Diaper Company
manufacturer of 100% cotton flannel diapers and other incontinence supplies to fit all ages and sizes.
At Home Treatment Programs, Inc.
offers a treatment kit for bedwetting.
Bedwetting Alarms
features a variety of bedwetting alarms.
Bedwetting Store
offers a range of bedwetting products, including enuresis alarms, treatment kits, waterproof mattress pads, and bedwetting books.
Bouser Health Products
Dignity Design
makers of wheelchair accessory and urinary incontinence catheter pouches.
offers alarms, protective underwear, underpads, sheeting, and mattress protectors.
Enuresis Treatment Centers
specializing in treating and curing bedwetting.
Fabco International
manufactures disposable paper products including paper panties, toilet seat covers, baby wipes, bibs, diapers, and brest pads.
FisherShops Incontinence Products
sells reusable and disposable diapers, incontinence briefs, and health wellness products.
incontinence undergarments for men and women that have the look, feel, and care of regular underwear.
Home Delivery Incontinent Supplies
specializes in brand name incontinence supplies.
Incontinence Products
information on what causes it, how to treat it, the products that can help.
Incontinent Supplies Xpress
brand name incontinent supplies and related products delivered in unmarked boxes.
Juniper Enterprises
offers jade eggs to strengthen vaginal and pelvic floor muscles.
Life Styles Emporium
sells reusable incontinence garments, diapers, and waterproof covers.
LL Medico USA, Inc.
incontinence pants for men and women. holter and stress test monitoring vests.
Merlin Technologies
makers of the Gee Whiz and FemStar urine collection systems for men and women.
MSI Incontenence Products
offers incontinence management products including Promise pads and briefs, Fresh Again odor neutralizer and The Chronic Wound Care System.
incontinence device for bladder control, pregnancy recovery, and vaginal tone.
Natural Bladder, The
offers herbal remedies for overactive bladders, urinary tract infections, interstitial cystitis, and incontinence.
offers the P-Mate which enables woman to pee while standing upright.
Pacific International, Ltd.
treats nocturnal enuresis or bedwetting.
Potty MD
offers products and online resources for parents and physicians with concerns about child potty training and bedwetting dysfunctions.
Rochester Medical Corporation
Manufacturer and marketer of catheters and incontinence care products.
SDRC: The Bedwetting Solution
program to stop enuresis (bedwetting).
self-relief urological device which is great for places where you're caught short and can't reach a bathroom like at festivals, concerts, or sporting events.
Soiling Solutions
offers treatments for childhood bedwetting (nocturnal enuresis) and soiling (encopresis) problems based on well-known learning principles and psychophysiology.
incontinence pouches for men.
SRS Medical Systems, Inc.
offers products for the treatment of incontinence.
Stadium Pal
item for the men that puts an end to all of those restroom visits. Consists of external catheter worn like a condom, flexible hose, and collection bag with drain valve worn on the inner calf.
Stadium Pal
item for the men that puts an end to all of those restroom visits. Consists of external catheter worn like a condom, flexible hose, and collection bag with drain valve worn on the inner calf.
offers brand name incontinence supplies.
Try for Dry
provides a solution for children struggling to overcome pediatric enuresis (bedwetting).
Vitality Medical
offers home medical supplies specializing in incontinence, respiratory, CPAP, foot pain care, and treatment of wounds and bedsores caused by urinary stress incontinence.
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