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911 Fire Police Medical Web details
A gateway to the emergency services Web world.
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Automated External Defibrillator  [Reciprocal Link] details
ECP has the largest EMT & heartbeat program. They have trained over 15,000 EMTs.and has certified over 20,000 people in Automated External Defibrillator through their AED Training Course.
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Dr. details
Resources for information, training, consultation, assistance and support services for law enforcement, fire, paramedic and emergency public safety workers.
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provides resources for emergency medical professionals, including communications systems, ER diversion, natural disasters, public agencies, surveillance, and terrorism.
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Emergency Alert System Washington State Broadcasters details
Information, FAQ, and links related to the Emergency Alert System (EAS) for Washington State broadcasters.
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Emergency Medical Services for Children of Washington State details
assesses pediatric care services and develops strategies and coalitions that enhance them.
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Emergency Service Community details
A directory of resources for emergency service personnel.
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Crisis, conflict, and emergency service news, analysis, and reference information.
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EMS Advantage details
A collection of products, services, information, news, and Internet resources for EMS professionals.
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provides EMS resources, news, education and related topics.
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blend of clinical info, links, software and anecdotes designed to enlighten and entertain emergency physicians, nurses and EMT's.
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Fire-EMS Information Network details
Resources and communications center for firefighters and emergency medical service personnel.
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Daily-updated, in-depth and interactive news, information, forums and links for fire, rescue and EMS.
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FlightWeb details
includes a searchable directory of e-mail addresses for air medical professionals around the world.
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EMS links & information for paramedics, EMT's, and firefighters.
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Links and information for paramedics, EMTs and firefighters.
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National Collegiate Emergency Medical Services Foundation (NCEMSF) details
NCEMSF is a resource for college and university Emergency Medical Services groups. Also has an associated listserv.
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No.3 base, Laois Civil Defence details
Unit website describing services, training, history, equipment, recruitment. Located in Durrow, Ireland.
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Paramedics CyberBase details
information about how to become a medic, as well as what a paramedic does. Has a practice test, and some humor.
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Paramedics Unlimited details
team of paramedics, nurses, physicians, and other emergency medical personnel who provide equipment and services for U.S. Forest Service firefighters.
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Poison Help details
offers 1-800-222-1222, a phone line for information on poisons and diagnosing and treating poisonings.
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Rescue - Training Resource & Guide details
dedicated to rescue training for emergency services. Has heaps of information about training with online tests, discussion areas, references and a list of links.
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Emergency Services resources, including news, department listings, forums, and announcements.
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RescueHouse details
a virtual fire/ems community with humor, poetry, interactive forums, news, and related information.
Bookmark and Share details is a virtual Fire/EMS community which contains humor, poetry, forum, numerous links, and news.
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Trauma Information Pages details
information resources concerning Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder for clinicians and researchers in the field.
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Umatilla and Morrow Counties CSEPP details
Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program.
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Web Directory: details
resource for corrections, fire fighters, medical, military, and law enforcement personnel.
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WMD First Responders details
Information sharing, networking, planning, and research, to respond to and manage terrorist events involving Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).
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