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Zenoti - Beyond the Basics details
We know the difficulties in running a chain of spa, salon and fitness centers. So Zenoti provides everything you need in a single cloud-based package.
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ABELSoft Corporation details
supplies Medical and Dental clinical and administrative practice management software.
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ACF Technologies details
provider of patient queuing and flow management solutions for healthcare enterprises, helping to optimize patient flow from reception desk to waiting room areas throughout the organization.
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ADL Data Systems, Inc. details
data processing solutions for healthcare providers.
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Advanced Clinical Software details
clinical trial management software for researcher professionals.
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Advanced Computer Systems details
offers financial and inventory management systems for private enterprise, and the medical, and social services community.
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Advanced Medical Systems details
provides medical software, office networking, and online support for physician and hospital owned practices, including practice management software, electronic commerce, electronic medical records, and medical transcription services.
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Advanced Systems Development details
provider of information technology services to the clinical trials industry.
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Ahlers Health Care System details
specializing in data processing, billing, and reporting in the public health sector.
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Ajexus Healthcare details
offers a configurable administrative, clinical, EMR patient information system and data repository.
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Alteer Corporation details
provides solutions to automate workflow in physician offices for all the clinical and business functions.
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Applied Product Technologies Corp. details
designs and develops custom software for healthcare organizations.
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offers practice automation and claims management services designed to check eligibility, speed claim processing, and shorten revenue cycles.
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August Systems details
software developer specializing in scheduling and billing products designed specifically for the home health agency.
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Avega Health Systems details
software and consulting for decision suport, data warehousing, enterprise-wide reporting, and operational products. Formerly Health Care Microsystems (HCm).
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Benchmark Systems details
medical billing and office accounting. Serving Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee.
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Bridge Medical details
technologies company pionerring the use of barcode technology in healthcare. Services include patient safety and decision point software.
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Britton's Wise Computers details
focus is towards veterinary clinics and animal hospitals, pet-related information, and publicizing our clients' products/services.
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Byrne Software Technologies, Inc. details
software development firm. Creators of Visual HCS, a Windows based client/server health care claims administration system.
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Canopy Systems details
dedicated to helping healthcare organizations apply the power of informatics to improve quality and increase efficiency.
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CAPCOM details
develops and supports computerized systems for the healthcare industry.
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Carefx Corporation details
providing clinically oriented, web-based visual integration toolsets and related capabilities to healthcare organizations.
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CareKeeper Software details
staffing software for home health care and medical and temporary staffing agencies.
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CareScience details
provider of care management services to hospitals, health systems, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.
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Caribou Systems, Inc. details
system consultants, specializing in the healthcare industry.
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CashRetriever Systems, Inc. details
provides accounts receivable follow-up services to hospitals.
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CCA Medical Practice Software details
provider of turnkey hardware/software/services systems specifically designed for the medical practice business office.
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CK Software, Inc. details
our products include ck_CompCare, an occupational health case management system.
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CMDC Systems Inc. details
consultants and system developers for document control and configuration management for the small to medium size medical device manufacturer.
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Colleton Software Associates details
specializing in products for ambulance service providers, including system call automation and billing documentation.
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Computermart Medical Services details
provides electronic data interchange software to the healthcare industry.
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Conejo Systems details
offers software development for medical (clinical), public-health, and social-service applications.
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Creative Healthcare Strategies, Inc. details
develops and support software tools for healthcare organizations.
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Custom Data Processing, Inc. details
system integrator and provider of real-time application services through its computer service bureau. With multiple U.S. locations.
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D.L. Hopper & Associates, Inc. details
specializing custom software for high performance and high volume claim processing clients.
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Dairyland Healthcare Solutions details
software developer, hardware vendor, and consultant that designs computer systems to run hospitals including clinical and financial information solutions.
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offers software for medical coding compliance, Medical Necessity, CPT, ICD9, RBRVS, and more.
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DataFuzion, Inc. details
delivers customized data warehousing solutions for healthcare provider groups and specialty clinics with disparate practice management, payroll, and general ledger systems.
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Dr. Notes, Inc. details
clinical management systems including disease tracking, Medicare coding, bill scrubbing, HIPAA compliance, workflow management, and office automation.
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Dr.Xpress Health Care Systems, Inc. details
Dr.Xpress Health Care Systems, Inc. offers a wide range of services to physicians and hospitals across the United States. Our technology products offer our customers significant savings.
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Eftia OSS Solutions Inc. details
develops and markets turnkey operations support systems for the telecommunications and health care industries.
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Eversolve details
Offers standard-based application integration and development tools and services for healthcare vendors and providers.
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Excalibur Systems Inc. (ESI) details
makes electronic billing, custom reports, scheduling, notes, and voice dication software.
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Exit-Writer details
The fastest, easiest way to issue patient discharge instructions!
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Feedback Technologies details
database software for managing training evaluation and survey research results including espRIT for residency and intern programs...
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GE Medical Systems Healthcare Solutions details
benchmarking solutions for healthcare facilities.
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