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2K Medical Software details
offers medical software for physicians and medical billing companies.
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4S Information Systems details
offers Dawn clinical software for anticoagulation therapy and chronic disease monitoring.
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Abith details
provides of a series of practical interactive medical textbooks for handheld computing platforms.
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Allograft Tissue Specialists details
locating, purchasing, and tracking software for transplant tissue professionals.
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Analex Corporation details
offering design, development, analysis, and verification and validation testing of critical software, devices, products, and systems for the aerospace, medical, and manufacturing industries.
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ARMUS Corporation details
specializes in educational and data management software.
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AuditData a/s details
develops and maintains software for audiology, including administrative software systems for hearing clinic functions, and modules for programming digital hearing instruments.
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Biopac Systems details
sells the Biopac Student Lab, hardware and software for teaching physiology. Also sells a system for data acquisition and analysis for research.
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Biopac Systems details
sells the Biopac Student Lab, hardware and software for teaching physiology. Also sells a system for data acquisition and analysis for research.
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CaduceuX details
offers a scheduling system written specifically for anesthesia groups. Consists of daily schedules, on-call rotations, personal time off, and an integrated electronic billing card.
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Censis Technologies details
offers a system which allows hospitals and surgery centers to track and manage surgical instruments at the instrument detail level.
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Chart Links details
offers a rehabilitation documentation management system.
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Chronolab details
selling diagnostic reagents and the Atlas of Human Embryology, multimedia software for medicine.
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Cies Multimedica details
development of multimedia software and medical information systems.
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Compliance Software Solutions (CSS) details
provides software tools for manufacturing in the medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries.
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Compu-Consults details
offer a series of medical software programs for practicing physicians and the public.
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CyberLogic, Inc. details
produces software for ultrasound simulation.
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CYBIS Medical Systems, Inc. details
offering quality improvement software for ambulatory care, preventive care, disease state management, and other medical applications.
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DelSys details
makes electromyography (EMG) electrodes, systems, and software, providing sensors, data acquisition, and analysis systems for researchers, clinicians, and students.
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Deltamed details
develops neurophysiology software.
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Diagnostic Data details
medical software to aid in diagnosis and procedure coding.
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DigitalMed details
interactive medical software for palm and pocket PC handhelds. Included features are an acid base interpreter, blood gas interpretation, and electrolyte analysis.
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DNASTAR details
A biologists software product-line, covering DNA & protein sequence analysis and databases.
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Doctors details
features news, articles, and information about medical PDA software and handheld computers used by doctors.
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Docusys Digital Medical Solutions details
software and device designed to enhance patient safety by tracking intravenous medication and anesthesia delivery.
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Doug Dodgen & Associates details
software solutions for augmentative/assistive technology professionals.
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DxCG, Inc. details
develops diagnosis-based risk adjustment software based on the Diagnostic Cost Group (DCG) models.
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Electronic Medical Chart (EMC) details
specializing in computer automation for the physician office. EMC is dedicated to providing the most efficient technology to eliminate time consuming and costly paper charting.
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Expert Health Data Programming, Inc. details
offering Epigram, population and morality data analysis software.
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I-SYS Regulatory Services, Inc. details
offers software validation services for pharmaceutical, medical device and biological companies in FDA and CE regulated environments.
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InfoPOEMs details
offers DailyPoems, daily emails about clinical medicine research, and the InfoRetriever, a clinical practice information database.
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Institut fuer Innovative Konzepte in der Medizin details
Computer aided learning/multimedia in medicine.
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Instruments for Quality of Life Assessment in Medicine details
offers an online guide to help find the quality of life assessment instruments to be used in clinical studies, and sells a CD-rom of the instruments.
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Integrated Clinical Systems, Inc. details
makers of a client/server data review tool that makes it easy to access, review, graph and report data directly from existing clinical databases.
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InterMed Technologies details
customizable reporting software for Norland, Lunar, osteometer and hologic bone density scanners.
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IPRO GmbH details
software for ophthalmic businesses. IPRO GmbH ist Hersteller von Software f?r Augenoptiker und H?rger?teakustiker.
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J-MAC System Inc. details
Image processing and filing, network (DICOM), and database systems to aid medical analysis in healthcare.
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Kintrak details
relevant to a wide range of applications including clinical genetics services, familial cancer, and neurogenetics clinics, registries, research groups, and other programs for familial disorders.
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Knowledge Finder details
offers medical literature access.
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LifeCycle Software, LLC details
offers fertility prediction software which uses natural body signs (like body temperature) for accurate ovulation prediction and natural pregnancy avoidance and achievement.
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LUMEDX details
provides an extensive suite of solutions that integrate cardiovascular information systems, including PACS.
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Manbit Anaesthesia Software details
provides an anesthetic record keeping system, simulation software, medical hypertexts, and multiple choice questionnaires.
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Medical Director details
prescription writing software.
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Medical softwares details
Medical imaging softwares hospital administration softwares.
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Medical Wizards details
features Medical Wizards Drip Calculator, a program to assist in automated calculations for critical and emercency care health professionals.
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